Düll Krautheimer Helles Lagerbier

Düll Krautheimer Helles Lagerbier is a balanced malty example of the style with their signature white pepper in both the nose and palate but it blends in better in this lighter simpler beer than some of their heavier entries.

Kesselring Urfränkisches Doppelbock

Kesselring Urfränkisches Doppelbock is uncharacteristically deep golden but a wonderful mix of rich malt and underlying hops. It's got some honey in the nose and the palate is fruity and surprisingly dry for 7.5%.

Kesselring Urfränkisches Winterbier

Kesselring Urfränkisches Winterbier is a deep amber wonder with a rich malty palate and long semi-dry finish. A perfect beer for a cold night by the fireplace.