Kronach: The Kaiser, The Duck & the Pächter Fäctor

While small Franconian breweries are having a tough time, often closing, even regional player are feeling the pinch. Many continue to brew but their brewery taps are closing at an alarming rate. Finding tenants isn't easy. Finding customers is getting even harder.

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A Salty Patch on the Unterfranken Express

Lower Franconia is a lovely bucolic area dotted with small hamlets and a surprising number of regional breweries not to be missed by the intrepid beerwanderer. This details a road trip to Strecks Brauhaus in Ostheim, Rother-Bräu in Roth, Pax-Bräu in Oberelsbach and the Wittelsbacker Turm Bräu at its namesake tower.

Strecks Brauhaus Weizen

Strecks Brauhaus Weizen is a refreshingly fruit example of the style with a dryer lingering finish than many.

Strecks Brauhaus 1718

Strecks Brauhaus 1718 is a reddish Festbier first brewed in commemoration of their 300th anniversary. It's richly malty with a spicy character. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Strecks Brauhaus Bio Zwickel

Strecks Brauhaus Bio Zwickel is is an gorgeous unfiltered golden brew with a nose of mown grass and a dry hoppy palate. The lingering finish is quite try but avoids being overly bitter.

Strecks Brauhaus Ostheimer Dunkel

Strecks Brauhaus Ostheimer Dunkel is a good example of a old Franconian lager with a balanced palate featuring some roast and grain. The underlying hops dry out the lingering finish without imparting a lot of bitterness, making this a very sessionable dark beer. Enjoy the style while you can, it won't be around long.

Strecks Brauhaus Bio Helles

Strecks Brauhaus Bio Helles is a balanced example of the style with a lightly grainy nose and hoppier palate than befits a true Helles. That said, it's got an easy drinkability that everyone will find appealing.

Strecks Brauhaus Burgherrenpils

Strecks Brauhaus Burgherrenpils is a balanced example of the style with a lightly grainy nose and maltier palate than befits a true German Pils. It's a classic this would be a great Helles kind of Pils with an easy drinkability that everyone will find appealing.