Kronach: The Kaiser, The Duck & the Pächter Fäctor

While small Franconian breweries are having a tough time, often closing, even regional player are feeling the pinch. Many continue to brew but their brewery taps are closing at an alarming rate. Finding tenants isn't easy. Finding customers is getting even harder.

Meister Zwickel

Meister Zwickel is perhaps an unfiltered version of their popular Vollbier with a fruity/grainy palate and semi-dry finish.

Meister Hell

Meister Hell is a new Helles from the Franconian brewing legend. It's a great addition to their line-up with a balanced palate and semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Meister Vollbier

Meister Vollbier is a Franconian classic and one beer in the area you have to try. Dry and fruity, it defines Franconian beer.

Meister Festbier

Meister Festbier is a true winter treat, an even more flavorful version of the renowned Vollbier. Full indeed.

Meister Vollbier

Meister Vollbier Brewery: Meister Town: Unterzaunsbach Style: Vollbier Color: deep amber Head: off white, creamy Nose: rich malt, come chocolate Body: medium, low carbonation Palate: malty, slightly dry Finish: very clean, dryish, hint of bitterness Served: on tap at the brewery and from gravity dispense at the Walberlfest Impression: Where you drink the beer matters … Continue reading Meister Vollbier