‘s Antla Flößer

's Antla Flößer is an unfiltered Dunkel with lots of roast, grain and hops in both the nose and palate. The semi-dry lingering finish is semi-bitter.

Kaiserhof Kronator

Kaiserhöfer Kronator is the brewery's Dunkler Doppelbock for Lent. It's a very dark strong contemplative brew with a rich malty palate tinged with burnt toffee. The lingering finish is a touch sticky but not unusual for a 7.5% dark Bock.

Kaiserhöfer Schwedentrunk

Kaiserhöfer Schwedentrunk is brewed in commemoration of the town's victory over Swedish invaders during the 30 Years War. It a deep chestnut brew in the dark Fest/Altfränkisch mold with a malty palate featuring both grain and roast. The lingering finish could be drier.

Düll Krautheimer Urtyp Dunkel on tap

Düll Krautheimer Urtyp Dunkel is balanced malty example of the style with a touch of white pepper in both the nose and palate.

Landwehr-Bräu Altfränkisch Dunkel on tap

Landwehr-Bräu Altfränkisch is a classic example of the style with a balanced palate and semi-dry lingering finish

Martinsbräu Landbier Dunkel on tap

Martinsbräu Landbier Dunkel is a rich for its strength dark beer with some chocolate and coffee in the nose and a similar palate. The lingering finish is semi-dry and bittersweet.

Rhönbrauerei Dittmar Rhöner Urtyp Dunkel

Rhönbrauerei Dittmar lies in the Rhön valley in a small slice of Franconian Thuringia. The brew fantastically dry traditional beers and their Rhöner Urtyp Dunkel is no exception. It's roasty with some dried fruit and a lingering semi-dry finish. Worth seeking out.

Strecks Brauhaus Ostheimer Dunkel

Strecks Brauhaus Ostheimer Dunkel is a good example of a old Franconian lager with a balanced palate featuring some roast and grain. The underlying hops dry out the lingering finish without imparting a lot of bitterness, making this a very sessionable dark beer. Enjoy the style while you can, it won't be around long.

Wagner Richard Wagner Dunkel

Wagner Richard Wagner Dunkel is good example of the style with some chocolate and roast in both the nose and palate and a lingering semi-dry, bittersweet finish.