Düll Krautheimer Dunkler Doppelbock

Düll Krautheimer Dunkler Doppelbock is a richly malty example of the style with dried fruit in both the nose and palate. Their signature white pepper element doesn't play so well with this particular beer but the lingering finish isn't overly cloying, even at 7.8%.

Bayer (Zum Grünen Baum) Dunkler Doppelbock

Bayer Dunkler Doppelbock is a nearly black richly malty brew with some dark chocolate and a lingering semi-dry bittersweet finish. One of the very best!

Wurm Jura Quell Doppelbock

Wurm Jura Quell Doppelbock is a gorgeous richly malty potent brew of 7.5% with both caramel and roast in the nose and palate before a lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet finish.

Herold Weihnachtsbock on tap

Herold Weihnachtsbock is gorgeous big dark Bock, with some fried fruit before the long dry, bittersweet finish.

Hönicka Bräu Wonnesud Dunkles Spezialbier

Hönicka Bräu Wonnesud Dunkles Spezialbier is a richly malty brew with some roast before the semi-dry moreish finish. It's very drinkable at 5.4%.

Lang Bräu Dunkler Bock

Lang Bräu Dunkler Bock is a potent rich roasty dark Doppelbock at 7.5% with fair hopping, making for a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Hönicka Bräu Wunsiedler Doppelbock

Hönicka Bräu Wunsiedler Doppelbock is mahogany beauty with dried fruit in the nose and palate and a fairly dry finish for 7.4%.