Jürgens Rotbier

Jürgens Rotbier is a balanced richly malty Rotbier with a nice spicy character and aromatic hops in the nose. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Landwehr-Bräu Hell on tap

Landwehr-Bräu Hell is a malt forward golden brew with a grainy palate and lingering semi-dry finish. On tap at the Landwehr am Turm in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Landwehr-Bräu Toppler Pils on tap

Landwehr-Bräu Toppler Pils is another Helles in disguise of a Pils, not untypical in Franconia. I found their Edel oddly more hoppy in flavor if not the nose. I suggest their Altfränkisch Dunkel but if you must drink a lighter color beer, I'd still with the Helles.

Landwehr-Bräu Altfränkisch Dunkel on tap

Landwehr-Bräu Altfränkisch is a classic example of the style with a balanced palate and semi-dry lingering finish

Landwehr-Bräu Kellerbier on tap

Landwehr-Bräu Kellerbier is a low carbonation malt forward beer with a touch of honey but the finish is a tad sticky.

Landwehr-Bräu Edel on tap

Landwehr-Bräu Edel is lower in alcohol than most Exports and though hoppier than many, the finish is a notch stickier.

Dorn-Bräu Doppelbock bottle

Dorn-Bräu Doppelbock is a richly malty Hallerbock with some grain in the mix before the hops dry things out in the lingering semi-dry finish. Dangerously drinkable at 7.5%

Landwehr Landbock Hell

Landwehr Landbock Hell is quite dry for the style and though a bit thin of flavor and complexity, it's a serviceable and easy to drink example of the style at 6.6%.

Landwehr Kirchweihbier

Landwehr Kirchweihbier is a thin tasting malty brew which doesn't go anywhere in particular.

Landwehr Jahrgangsbier Fränkisches Braunbier

Landwehr Jahrgangsbier Fränkisches Braunbier is a balanced brew with a malty nose tinged with caramel. It's cold-hopped with Spalter and that integration doesn't fare well, leaving an odd bitterness to the finish.