Jürgens Rotbier

Jürgens Rotbier is a balanced richly malty Rotbier with a nice spicy character and aromatic hops in the nose. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Geyer Rotbier at Felsenkeller

Geyer Rotbier is a balanced spicy brew with a clean, dry semi-bitter finish. It's perfect for an afternoon at Geyers Felsenkeller.

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A Rotbier by any other name wouldn’t taste like Schlenkerla

Schlenkerla is the most renowned of Rauchbier/Smoke beer breweries. Not only do the brew the world's most renowned Rauchbier/smoke beer, they have a great line-up of seasonal beers. They continue to push the brewing envelope and this new smoky Rotbier is yet another big winner. Schlenkerla Weichsel is the brewery's newest beer and is must have by any lover of beer.

Veldensteiner Rotbier

Veldensteiner Rotbier is a nice mix of malt and hops with a clean, dry finish that's perfectly bitter.


Forst-Quell Kupfer is perhaps the brewery's most interesting beer and a fine Rotbier with some milk chocolate in both the nose and palate. It retains the brewery's signature dryness with a clean, semi-dry. bittersweet finish that just says more.

Hausbrauerei Altstadthof Das Rote

Haubrauerei Altstadt's Das Rote is reportedly the first Rotbier after many year's of its absence and it credited as being responsible for its current resurgence.

Geyer Rotbier

Brauereigasthof Geyer Rotbier is a malty but dry session beer with a clean, finish.

Schanzenbrau Rotbier

Schanzenbräu Rotbier is perhaps the best of the Nürnberg Rotbiers and this is the town most noted for them. It's by far the cleanest and has the most moreish finish.