Hausbrauerei Altstadthof Das Rote

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Hausbrauerei Das Rote

Brewery: Hausbrauerei Altstadthof
Rotbier 5.2%
Color: unfiltered amber

Head: off-white
, creamy, rocky
Nose: richly
malty, spicy
Palate: balanced, malty,
spicy, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, a bit sticky 

Served: on tap at their attached Bräustüberl

Impression: It had been years since I’d stopped by this brewery but decided to resample the beers in the summer of 2022. While Rotbier isn’t generally my favorite style, this is claimed to be the one which brought it back. It came out looking majestically so with a nice off-white rocky head and malty nose. The first sip was better than imagined, malt forward as you’d expect. It had some spice for good measure. I found the lingering finish a little sticky and couldn’t imagine drinking a lot of it but it’s a nice enough beer. It’s certainly worth trying if in Nürnberg. It would be interesting to drink it head to head with Schanzenbräu Rotbier. I returned to compare the Nürnberg Rotbiers and unfortunately, Das Rote was in bad form. This particular serving had some butter I didn’t notice last time in. It was much maltier than all other examples and I dare say stickier in the finish as well. Though I’d hoped this to fare better, it was my least favorite the day of the Rotbier Roundup, at least prior to going to the Tucher Mautkeller. Getting worse butter-wise as it warms.

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