Schanzenbrau Rotbier

red beer with huge head in logo glass
Schanzenbräu Rotbier

Brewery: Schanzenbräu
Rotbier 4.9%
Color: unfiltered
Head: off-white
, creamy, rocky
nice mix of malt and hops, hint of spice
Palate: balanced, malty,
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at their brewery tap

Impression: Schanzenbräu is one of the most popular of the brewpubs in Nürnberg, especially with younger people. It’s a retro kind of pub and they serve beer styles once popular and making a comeback. It’s all good and this Rotbier is their signature brew and well-made. Rotbier is a bit like Märzen, malty with some spiciness. This one clicks those flavors and has a nice clean finish. On a return visit in February 2023, I was there to sample all of the Nürnberg Rotbiers and I had these impressions: Finally back at their pub and having their Rotbier without previous beers. While not the original Rotbier in town, its popularity is unquestioned and understandable. While retaining the rich malt the style requires, there’s plenty of hops to make for a moreishly dry beer. A touch less grassy than at Brüderherz. Pub is cozy, can understand its popularity.

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