Dr. Bamberg & the Sandkerwa Side

The Bamberger Sandkerwa starts today in about seven hours and runs from 22.08.-26.08.2019. I thought I'd re-post my account of our trip there in 2018 as the information is still relevant and may help people planning on attending. They say there are at least two sides to every person, place or thing. Sides are funny … Continue reading Dr. Bamberg & the Sandkerwa Side

Ambräusianum Bockbier

Ambräusianum's Bockbier is a fair example of the style with a rich malty palate and slightly bitter finish.

Schlenkerla (Heller) Kräusen

Schlenkerla's Kräusen is not just a less smoky summer beer, it's a great hoppy kellebier with a slight smokiness that makes it a yet another winner from this aclaimed Bamberg brewery.