Schlenkerla Hansla

Schlenkerla's Hansla is a very low alcohol brew (less than 1.2%) with a surprisingly full flavor. It's got a hoppy smoky palate and lingering semi-dry, bitter finish.

Schlenkerla Heinzlein Helles Bier

Schlenkerla's Heinlein Helles Bier is a very low alcohol brew (.9%) with a surprisingly full flavor. It's got a hoppy cereal palate and lingering semi-dry, simi-bitter finish.

Schlenkerla Stiftsgartenbier

Schlenkerla's Stiftsgartenbier is brewed according to an old recipe from Bamberg's oldest historical brewery on the Michaelsberg and is yet another winner from the famed Rauchbierbrauerei.

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Schlenkerla Heinzlein Dunkles Bier

Schlenkerla's Heinlein Dunkles Bier is a very low alcohol brew with a surprisingly full flavor. It's got a hoppy slightly smoky palate and lingering bitter finish.

Schlenkerla (Heller) Lagerbier

Schlenkerla's Lagerbier is a surprisingly light smokey offering with a crisp hoppy palate and dry bitter finish.

Schlenkerla (Heller) Rauchweizen

Schlenkerla's Rauchweizen truly combines the smoke of the brewery with classic Weissbier flavors. Somehow it works!

Schlenkerla (Heller) Fastenbier

Schlenkerla's Fastenbier is a treat for Lent, when you give up things but are evidently rewarded with amazing beer. It's a touch less smoky than their flagship Märzen with a nice hoppiness to hold it all together.

Schlenkerla (Heller) Kräusen

Schlenkerla's Kräusen is not just a less smoky summer beer, it's a great hoppy kellebier with a slight smokiness that makes it a yet another winner from this aclaimed Bamberg brewery.