Weiherer Hopfenweizen

Weiherer is a great brewery with both traditional and craft beer offerings. Their Hopfenweizen is a great mix of the two, with Citra, Polaris and Cascade hops making this a citrusy treat.

Reindler-Bräu Hefeweizen

Reindler-Bräu Hefeweizen is a rustic yeasty wheat beer with an unusually bitterness for the style.

Felsenbräu Weizen

Felsenbräu Weizen is a refreshingly fruity wheat beer with a balanced palate and lingering semi-dry finish.

Felsenbräu Bernstein Weizen

Felsenbräu Bernstein Weizen is a fine Dunkelweizen with some dark bread and biscuit notes mixed in with a pleasant fruitiness in the lingering finish.

Wiethaler Hefe-Weißbier-Bock

Wiethaler Hefe Weißbier-Bock is a richly malty Weizenbock with strong banana notes and a slightly sticky finish.

Wiethaler Hefe Weißbier

Wiethaler Hefe Weißbier is a true to form Weizen with lots of banana in both the nose and palate combined with a smack of bubble gum for good measure. Not as refreshing as many but certainly full of flavor.

Leinburger Weißbier

Leinburger Weißbier is a refreshing fruity wheat beer with a lingering finish.

Ammerndorfer Hefe Weisse

Ammerndorfer Hefe Weisse is effervescent citrusy thirst quencher, perfect for a hot day.

Spezial Weissbier

Spezial Weissbier is an interesting smoky banana treat with a surprisingly dry palate and semi-bitter finish.

Eichhorn Weisse hefetrüb

Eichhorn Weisse hefetrüb is thirst quenching wheat beer with the classic banana clove interplay.