Klosterbrauerei Weissenoher Pils

The Klosterbrauerei Weissenoher Pils is a fine, semi-dry German Pils with a clean finish.

Stefansbräu Weizen

Stefansbräu Weizen has a fruity/yeasty palate but more hops than is typical. If looking for a hybrid Weizen, this is surely for you.

Weib’s Brauhaus Weißbier

Weib's Brauhaus Weißbier is a refreshingly dry wheat beer with more hops than most and a moreish finish.

Hauf Dinkelsbühler Weisse

Hauf Dinkelsbühler Weisse is effervescent citrusy thirst quencher, perfect for a hot day.

Herbsthäuser Weizen

Herbsthäuser Weizen is a fruity wheat beer with a citrusy palate and semi-dry lingering finish.

Hebendanz Export Hefe Weißbier

Hebendanz Export Hefe Weißbier is a fruity wheat beer with a refreshing appearance. The sample I got was oddly bitter, seemingly from the yeast.

Distelhäuser Dunkles Weizen

Distelhäuser Dunkles Weizen is one of the driest dark wheat beers I've had but features some banana bread in the malty nose.

Distelhäuser Weizen hell

Distelhäuser Weizen Hell is a fruity sourish wheat beer with a lingering semi-dry finish.

Hofmühl Hefeweizen Dunkel bottle

Hofmühl Hefeweizen Dunkel is a typical if uninspired Weizen. It's better than their regular Weizen but still not a great one.