Zehendner Wachenröther Festbier

Zehendner brews a Festbier for the neighboring village Wachenröth's Kerwa. It's a full-bodied and richly malty with a hint of caramel.

Zehendner Maibock

Zehendner Maibock is one dangerous Bock at 6.5%. This dry fruity brew has moreish long, dry bittersweet finish.

Zehendner Lagerbier

Zehendner Lagerbier is a low carbonation Ungespundetes beer with a gorgeous dry fruity palate, perfect for a night at the Bierkeller.

Zehendner Export

Zehendner Export is a great dry fruity session beer with a clean finish.

A Hard Beer’s Night (& Day)

The first tapping of the Christmas Bock at Zehendner turns out to be an adventure but the beer hike the next day saved the day.

Zehendner Weihnachtsbock

Zehendner Weihnachtsbock is a yearly event, one of the top Bocks in Franconia and hence the world. This dry fruity Bock is dangerously mooreish.