Zehendner Lagerbier

beer krug
Zehendner Lagerbier

Brewery: Zehendner
in Krug so no visuals
white, thinning
fruity, some cereal
soft, low carbonation
dry, fruity, underlying hops
Finish: long, dry, clean

Served: gravity tap at the brewery & Obere Mühle Biergarten in Rattelsdorf

Impression:  I’ve only had this once and it was my first time at the brewpub. I was there primarily to have the Maibock but was sad to find out it was not on tap so figured I’d have something on tap. The brewer poured it from a regular tap and I was a bit surprised but it looked great and wasn’t fizzy in the least. It wasn’t particularly hoppy or bitter but quite dry. I really liked it though the Maibock was in another class. I didn’t give it a second thought but on leaving, I saw the gravity dispense barrel in the hallway. This was where the Lagerbier was coming from but I didn’t have the time to go back in for another. That would have to wait to the next visit.

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