Nikl-Bräu Zwickl

Nikl-Bräu Zwickl is a balanced brew with a slightly bitter finish.

Nikl-Bräu Rauchbock

Nikl-Bräu Rauchbock is a low carbonation lightly smoky Bock.

Nikl-Bräu Michala

Nikl-Bräu Michala is their Kellerbier with a touch of chocolate and a sweetish finish.

Schwanen Bräu Weihnachtsbock

Schwanen Bräu Weihnachtsbock is a pleasant enough Bock but the finish could be cleaner.

Schwanen Bräu Pils

Schwanen Bräu Pils is a maltier fuller bodied Pils but still finished dry and bitter.

Schwanen Bräu Lagerbier Dunkel

Schwanen Bräu Lagerbier Dunkel is their signature brew with a roasty palate and dry bitter finish.

Schwanen-Bräu Vollbier

Schwanen-Bräu's Vollbier is a dark dry hoppy session beer found more often in Franconia than anywhere in Germany.

Drummer Helles

Drummer Helles Brewery: Drummer Town: Leutenbach Style: Helles Color: straw Head: dense Nose: grain, malt Body: medium Palate: malty flavor, some grassy and grain notes mixed in, slight hop Finish: clean, bittersweet Served: on tap at the brewery Impression: This was my second time at the brewery so had higher expectations this time around. Though … Continue reading Drummer Helles

A Hard Beer’s Night (& Day)

The first tapping of the Christmas Bock at Zehendner turns out to be an adventure but the beer hike the next day saved the day.

How to win friends & influence Charlie on the 7-Brewery Trail

The 7 Brewery Trail or 7 Brauereienweg is one of the top beer hiking trails in not only Franconia, but likely the world. With six breweries and two top Bierkellers en route and some lovely rural scenery, you can't go wrong walking this great trail.