Kaiserhöfer Kellerbier

Kaiserhöfer Kellerbier bottle vs on tap & Äffla Keller Urhell

Brewery: Kaiserhof
Town: Kronach
Style: Kellerbier 4.5%
Color: unfiltered amber
Head: off-white, rocky, chiffon-like
Nose: malty, light grain, light hop, yeasty
Body: medium
balanced, lightly grainy, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry,  semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression: I had a Kellerbier on tap at the brewery a couple of weeks ago and it was my favorite beer of the trip so was glad I’d bought one to bring home. I was expecting the same unfiltered golden beauty but this poured very much amber with the best head of any of their beers. The nose is a malty mix of grain, hops and yeast. The balanced palate is a quite dry conglomeration of the aforementioned components. The lingering finish is moreishly semi-dry with just a nice hint of bitterness. It’s I gorgeous flavorful session beer at 4.5% and I wish I could have carried more back! It’s possible that the beer on tap was the Äffla which is labeled Urhell and Kellerbier as well. It certainly was more of the same color profile.

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