Kesselring Schlemmer Weissbier

Kesselring Schlemmer Weissbier is a balanced fruity wheat beer with a sourish palate and lingering finish.

Goldene Gans Hefeweizen

Goldene Gans Hefeweizen is a textbook example of the style and particularly refreshing in this lovely Biergarten on the Main river in Würzburg.

Oechsner Hefeweizen hell

Oechsner Hefweizen Hell is a fruity Weizen with a citrusy palate and clean, semi-bitter finish.

Waldschloss Bräu Fuhrmanns Weisse

Waldschloss Fuhrmanns Weisse has the classic banana clove interplay in both the nose and palate but it's thin of flavor with a cloying finish.

Kaiserhof Weisser Kaiser

Kaiserhof Weisser Kaiser is a refreshing fruity Weizen with lovely tangy drier than typical for the style finish. One of my favorite Weizens from Franconian.

Maisel’s Bajuwarus Weizenbock bottle

Maisel's Bajuwarus Weizenbock is a fruity rounded example of the style with a gorgeous dark honeycomb hue and rocky yeasty head. The lingering finish is surprisingly dry for 7.5% but it lacks some of the complexity of the very best.

Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen

Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen is a yeasty, tart weizen a little thin on flavor but no unpleasant.

Düll Krautheimer Weißbier on tap

Düll Krautheimer Weißbier is a fruity thin on flavor Weizen with a lingering finish.

Keiler Weißbier hell

Keiler Weißbier hell is produced in bottled form at Kulmbacher but this draft version is done at Würzburger Hofbräu who bought the original brewery in 2001. As served at the Keiler Brauhaus, it's a nice fruity Weißbier with a yeasty element in both the palate and finish.