Goldene Gans Hefeweizen

weizen in logo glass with goose on it
Goldene Gans Hefeweizen

Brewery: Goldene Gans
Color: honeycomb

Head: white
, ample
Nose: fruity, light banana

fruity, banana, yeasty
Finish: lingering

Served: on tap at the Goldene Gans Biergarten

Impression: It’s nice to finally get back to Würzburg and also to this little Biergarten brewery. It’s a great setting on the Main river with a fair amount of real trees. It’s a great looking Weizen well poured with an inviting honeycomb hue and fruity nose. Strong banana component but integrated and it remains refreshing. It’s full-flavored but the finish could be a little cleaner. Still not a bad drop and in this setting, tough to argue with. Definitely worth a stop if in Würzburg.

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