Goldene Gans Hefeweizen

Goldene Gans Hefeweizen is a textbook example of the style and particularly refreshing in this lovely Biergarten on the Main river in Würzburg.

Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen

Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen is a yeasty, tart weizen a little thin on flavor but no unpleasant.

Spessart Hefe Weizen Hell on tap

Spessart Weizen is a great looking example of the style with a fruity yeasty nose and palate. The lingering finish is enticing.

Haller Löwenbräu Hefeweizen on tap

Haller Löwenbräu Hefeweizen is a refreshingly fruity wheat beer with lots of banana in both the nose and palate.

Hofbräu Oberle Hefeweizen

Hofbräu Oberle Hefeweizen is a refreshing wheat beer with a fruity palate and lingering finish.

Reindler-Bräu Hefeweizen

Reindler-Bräu Hefeweizen is a rustic yeasty wheat beer with an unusually bitterness for the style.