Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen

weissbier in logo glass
Häffner-Bräu Kurstadt Weizen

Brewery: Häffner-Bräu
Bad Rapenau
Hefeweizen 5.1%
Color: dark honeycomb

Head: odd-
white, yeasty, thinning
Nose: fruity, yeast
Body: medium
, fizzy
fruity, yeasty, a little tart
Finish: lingering, tart

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I was happy to see small pours with a few on tap and relatively low expectations. Happy also to see a miniature logo glass. Unimpressive visually with a quickly thinning head but a nice tartness in the fruity palate which is a bit thin otherwise. Not as bad as it looked but glad to get a small pour on an anything but Weizen weather day.

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