Haller Löwenbräu Hefeweizen on tap

hefeweizen in logo glass
Haller Löwenbräu Hefeweizen

Brewery: Haller Löwenbräu
Schwäbisch Hall
Color: light honeycomb

white, rocky, creamy
Nose: fruity, strong banana, yeast

Body: medium

fruity, banana, yeast
Finish: lingering, fruity

Served: on tap at Brauereiausschan Zum Löwen

Impression: The full pours looked amazing with huge rocky heads and even this .3L looked decent with a creamy head and fruity nose featuring banana prominently. Fruity palate is refreshing and finish is fairly clean. It’s hot and I’m thirsty, perfect time for me to review a Hefeweizen. Still, better than Engel Weizen I had the day prior by quite a bit.

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