Fischer (Wieseth) Das Pils bottle

Fischer Das Pils is an excellent example of the style with a balanced palate featuring hops and grain before a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Fischer (Wieseth) Das Helle bottle

Fischer Das Helle is a gorgeous beer with a balanced palate featuring more hops than most in the style. The semi-dry, semi-bitter finish is moreish.

Fischer (Wieseth) Das Spezial bottle

Fischer Das Spezial is a premier example of this very Franconian malt forward style which manages to be dry without being bitter in the least.

Grasser Weizenbock on tap

Grasser Weizenbock is high octane wheat treat with hints of apricot and yeast in both the nose and palate. At 8%, it's dangerously drinkable.

Engel Kellerbier

Engel Kellerbier is a dry grainy example of the style with a lingering, dry, semi-bitter finish.

Stefansbräu Pils

Stefansbräu Pils is a lightly grainy and quite hoppy example of the style with a clean, dry, bitter finish.

Stefansbräu Dunkler Bock

Stefansbräu Dunkler Bock is a richly malty Doppelbock with some roast and a lingering semi-dry finish.

Stefansbräu Weizen

Stefansbräu Weizen has a fruity/yeasty palate but more hops than is typical. If looking for a hybrid Weizen, this is surely for you.

Stefansbräu Zwickel

Stefansbräu Zwickel is a dry hoppy example of the style with a moreishly dry and slightly bitter finish.

Stefansbräu Märzen

Stefansbräu Märzen is a quite the hoppy example of the style with a dry, sem-bitter palate and lingering finish. This new age hybrid could save the style from extinction.