Stefansbräu Pils

Stefansbräu Pils is a lightly grainy and quite hoppy example of the style with a clean, dry, bitter finish.


Hauf-Pils is a dry hoppy example of the style with a clean semi-bitter flavor.

Ahörnla Bräu aBils

Ahörnla Bräu aBils is their Pils entry and a dry hoppy one it is. It's not very balanced but has a dry, bitter finish.

Herbsthäuser Edel Pils

Herbsthäuser Edel Pils is a clean dry hoppy Pils with a nice bitter finish.

Distelhäuser Pils

Distelhäuser Pils is a lightly hoppy example using a variety of hops including Saphir and Tettnanger. It's clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish is moreish.

Hofmühl Privat Pils on tap

Hofmühl Privat Pils is a light balanced session beer with grainy/hoppy palate and clean semi-dry finish.

Becher-Bräu Kräusen Pils

Becher-Bräu Kräusen Pils is an unfiltered dry grainy session beer you'd be happy to drink all day at a Bierkeller.

Sonnen Pils on tap

Sonnen Pils is balanced and fuller-bodied than is typical of a German Pils but it's nicely dry without being over bitter.

Reindler-Bräu Edel-Pils

Reindler-Bräu Edel-Pils is their signature beer and while hoppy and dry, it's more a session beer than most in this style. The lingering finish is moreishly dry.

Lang Bräu 7 Sternchen Pils

Lang Bräu 7 Sternchen Pils is Lang's foray into a craft beer Pils with some citrusy hops element. The palate is hoppy and dry but the finish is not overly bitter, making it quaffable.