Dorn-Bräu Pils

Dorn-Bräu Pils is a lovely dry Pils with Spalter hops which make for crisp beer which isn't overly bitter but is quite dry.

Eller Pils

Eller Pils is a sessionable Pils with a dry hoppy palate and enjoy enough bitterness to make it moreish.

Geyer Pils

Brauereigasthof Geyer Pils is a nondescript example of the style with a dry grainy palate and clean semi-bitter finish.

Wagner Bräu (Oberhaid) Pils

Wagner Bräu Pils is their most popular but I would say least tasty and interesting beer.

Eichhorn Schwarzer Adler Pils (on tap)

Eichhorn Schwarzer Alder Pils is more of a Helles than a true German Pils but it is a fine session beer nonetheless.

Wichert Edel Pils

Wichert Edel Pils is a fine example of a dry hoppy Pils with a clean, dryish, semi-bitter finish.

Sonnen-Bräu Zwickel Pils

This craft beer offering from Sonnen-Bräu is a real winner. It's a dry hoppy treat without being overly bitter.

Zum Löwenbräu 1747 Original Helles

Zum Löwenbräu Original Helles is a fine golden Kellerbier with a great dry, semi-bitter finish.

Klosterbrauerei Eucharius Pils

The Klosterbrauerei Eucharius Pils is a fine, dry German Pils with a clean finish.

Lang Bräu Schönbrunner Pils

Lang Bräu Schönbrunner Pils is a true to form German Pils with a fine dry, hoppy palate and clean bitter finish.