Lang Bräu 7 Sternchen Pils

Lang Bräu 7 Sternchen Pils is Lang's foray into a craft beer Pils with some citrusy hops element. The palate is hoppy and dry but the finish is not overly bitter, making it quaffable.

Wiethaler Neunhofer Pils

Wiethaler Neunhofer Pils is a balanced beer with a grainy palate and a clean, semi-dry finish.

Gundel Pils

Gundel Pils is a dry hoppy brew session beer with a clean, dry, bitter finish.

Lang Pils

Lang Pils is balanced easy drinking brew with a hoppy palate and dry finish.

Spalter Vollbier Hell

Spalter Vollbier Hell is a balanced session beer with the area's signature hop in both the nose and palate.

Spalter Premium Pils

Spalter Preimium Pils is true to style clean, dry German Pils with a fine nose of Spalter hops which carries over into the semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Fürst Carl Herbes Glück

Fürst Carl Herbes Glück is a Craft Beer interpretation of a Pils. Unfiltered and cold-hopped, it's a dry Pils with some grapefruit and a clean finish.

Fürst Carl Pils

Fürst Carl Pils is a true to form German Pils with dry hoppy palate and clean, semi-dry finish.

Ammerndorfer Pils

Ammerndorfer Pils more of a dry Helles than a true Pils with some grain in both the nose and palate and a clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Lippert Sommer Pils

Lippert Sommer Pils is a dry hoppy quaffer with a clean finish.