Sonnen-Bräu Zwickel Pils

This craft beer offering from Sonnen-Bräu is a real winner. It's a dry hoppy treat without being overly bitter.

Freilandsmuseum Dunkel

Freilandsmuseum Dunkel is balanced brew that goes with well with sauce based roasts.

Freilandsmuseum Zwickel

Freilandsmuseum Zwickel is a balanced and refreshing beer, perfect for your after museum brew.

Döbler Pils

Döbler Pils is very much a classic style German Pils with a dry palate and semi-bitter finish.

Döbler Altstadt Hell

Döbler Altstadt Hell is a typical Franconian Helles with a dry fruity palate and clean finish.


Döbler-Weizen ticks all the boxes of the style with a strong banana note and lingering finish.

Döbler Reichsstadtbier naturtrüb

Döbler Reichsstadtbier naturtrüb is a tasty dry Kellerbier with a clean finish.

Döbler Löschauer Urtyp

Döbler Löschauer Urtyp is a quintessential Märzen with a rich malty palate and clean bittersweet finish.

Düll Pils

Düll Pils is a dry Pils with a clean bitter finish and is one of Franconia's best.

Kauzen-Bräu Premium Pils

Kauzen-Bräu Preimium Pils is a serviceable if somewhat generic Pils.