Oechsner Hefeweizen hell

Oechsner Hefweizen Hell is a fruity Weizen with a citrusy palate and clean, semi-bitter finish.

Oechsner Edel Hell

Oechsner Edel Hell is a dry fruity Helles with a clean, semi-bitter finish.

Düll Bock

Düll Bock is an unfiltered amber beauty with tons of malt but well-balanced with ample hopping making for a sublimely dry and moreish Bock at 7.7%. One of Franconia's best.

Düll Pils

Düll Pils is a dry Pils with a clean bitter finish and is one of Franconia's best.

Kauzen-Bräu Premium Pils

Kauzen-Bräu Preimium Pils is a serviceable if somewhat generic Pils.

Oechsner Schwarzbier

Oechsner Schwarzbier is a rather bland but serviceable dark beer and still a good choice with roasts.

Oechsner Premium Pils

Oechsner Preimium Pils is a dry fruity Pils with a clean, semi-bitter finish.