Oechsner Hefeweizen hell

weissibier in glass with bottle
Oechsner Hefeweizen hell

Brewery: Privatbrauerei Ochsener
Style: Weizen 5.2
Color: lemony honeycomb

Head: white
, rocky, yeasty
Nose: fruity, citrus

balanced, citrusy, yeasty, a touch of banana
Finish: clean, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: Good looking Weizen with a lemony hue and citrusy nose. The balanced palate is fruity, featuring more citrus but a subdued banana element. I wasn’t really expecting much and while a touch light on flavor, the components are the kind of Weizen I like. It’s not bogged down with banana and has a refreshing citrus aspect. The finish is cleaner than many a Weizen too.

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