Kauzen-Bräu Premium Pils

yellow beer in pils glass
Kauzen-Bräu Premium Pils

Brewery: Kauzen-Bräu
Color: yellow

Head: white
, creamy
Nose: faint
grainy, slightly bitter
Finish: semi-bitter, semi-clean

Served: on tap at the brewery’s tap “Gasthof Kauzen

Impression: I didn’t have very high expectations for the beers in Ochsenfurt but after having the Ochsener Pils, I was hoping for more from Kauzen-Bräu since I was staying there. I only had time for a very quick one as I needed to catch a train to Marktbreit to start a hike to a reportedly amazing Pils brewery. I got it inside and took it out to the tables out front. I only got a .3l pour and had to drink it rather quickly but it didn’t have a lot of flavor. When I got back to town that evening, it was closed but I found it up the street at another pub (it seemed the only place open in town after 10:00!). After having the Pils at Düll in Gnodstadt, it seemed even more bland. If I were in town again, I’d surely eat at Gasthof Kauzen and give it another try but wouldn’t travel there to have it again.

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