Düll Pils

yellow beer in mug with big head
Düll Pils

Brewery: Hausbrauerei Düll
Gnodstadt (Marktbreit)
Color: pale yellow

Head: white
, rocky
Nose: faint
dry, grainy, hoppy
Finish: clean, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’d come a long way to try this beer and oddly enough, I met the person who introduced me to it mentally. I’d seen a list of his favorite beers and this was on his list. I later met him online and since he lives in the area, we arranged to meet at the Schwarzer Adler for dinner. I’d had a couple of other Pils in Ochsenfurt, where I was staying and had hiked a 15km circuit before arriving so as you might imagine, I was in the mood for a beer. Well, it came out and looked the part with a fluffy white head. It was really dry but not particularly bitter with a slight unfolding grain element. The finish was both clean and lingering. It was worth the trip and walk. Oh, and guy who told me about the beer was pretty nice too.

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