Oechsner Premium Pils

ochsenfurt zum anker beer
Ochsener Premium Pils

Brewery: Privatbrauerei Oechsner
Color: light golden

Head: white
, rocky
Nose: faint
medium, a bit on the fizzy side
dry, fruity, hoppy
Finish: clean, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery’s tap “Zum Anker

Impression: I didn’t have very high expectations for this beer. I’d made the trip to try another Pils in the area and was staying in Ochsenfurt so couldn’t NOT try the beer here. It came out a bit on the fizzy side but otherwise a nice looking beer with quite the head. Of course, I’d traveled more than three hours to get to Ochsenfurt and I was more than ready for a beer so that may have also helped my enjoyment of it. It was quite dry and had a nice fruitiness to it, something I associate with Franconian Pils. Some can be sweetish but this one wasn’t and had a clean and somewhat bitter finish. I unfortunately never got to have another one but I’d not hesitate to do so. I also wouldn’t go all the way to Ochsenfurt to have it but there’s plenty in the area to keep you busy so I imagine I’ll get another crack at it one day.

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