Oechsner Schwarzbier

Oechsner Schwarzbier

Brewery: Privatbrauerei Oechsner
Color: unfiltered, dark brown

Head: off-white
, rocky
Nose: faint
Finish: clean, semi-dry

Served: on tap at the brewery’s tap “Zum Anker

Impression: One of the reasons I picked Zum Anker for lunch was they had a Schwarzbier on tap. It’s a style that can be quite good but can also be rather bland. After having their fairly hoppy Pils, I was expecting this to have a bit more bite. It came out with a lot less carbonation so my expectations went up a notch and it was unfiltered, generally a good sign. There wasn’t any roast element and the hops seemed to have gone AWOL. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it and it went well with my food but overall, it was bland and disappointing. I’d probably get it again if having a similar meal but if going for just a beer, I’d stick to their Pils. Having a bottle a good four years later and though not overly tasty, it’s a very dry dark beer with more bitterness than I’d remembered. I’d resample if in town again, before the Pils.

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