Will-Bräu Hefe Weizen bottle

Will-Bräu Hefe Weizen is a fairly dry for the style fruity wheat beer with a refreshingly fruity palate and lingering finish.

StoXBräu Blonder Bock

StoXBräu Blonder Bock is a high gravity affair strong on malt and alcohol but a bit one dimensional on flavor.

Will-Bräu Ehrenberger Pilgerstoff

Will-Bräu Ehrenberger Pilgerstoff is richly malty Märzen with some spice and roast in both the nose and palate. The lingering finish is semi-dry and bittersweet.

Will-Bräu Helles

Will-Bräu Helles is a textbook malt forward session beer with a grainy nose and palate before a clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Wittelsbacher Turm Bräu Vollbier

Wittelsbacher Turm Bräu Vollbier was a gorgeous looking beer marred by diacetyl the day I sampled it on tap at the brewery.

Wittelsbacher Turm Bräu Hefe-Weißbier

Wittelsbacher Turm Bräu Hefe-Weißbier is a fruity example of the style with a somewhat sticky finish.

Strecks Brauhaus Weizen

Strecks Brauhaus Weizen is a refreshingly fruit example of the style with a dryer lingering finish than many.

Strecks Brauhaus 1718

Strecks Brauhaus 1718 is a reddish Festbier first brewed in commemoration of their 300th anniversary. It's richly malty with a spicy character. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Strecks Brauhaus Bio Zwickel

Strecks Brauhaus Bio Zwickel is is an gorgeous unfiltered golden brew with a nose of mown grass and a dry hoppy palate. The lingering finish is quite try but avoids being overly bitter.

Strecks Brauhaus Ostheimer Dunkel

Strecks Brauhaus Ostheimer Dunkel is a good example of a old Franconian lager with a balanced palate featuring some roast and grain. The underlying hops dry out the lingering finish without imparting a lot of bitterness, making this a very sessionable dark beer. Enjoy the style while you can, it won't be around long.