Brauhaus zum Sternla Weißbier

Sternla Weißbier is a fruity, semi-dry weizen with a lingering finish.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Kellerbier

Sternla Kellerbier is a balanced fruity beer perfect for summer with a lingering finish.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Fastenbock

Sternla Fastenbock is an unfiltered mahogany beauty with a richly malty palate which features a touch of roast and underlying hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry, semi-bitter.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Grünhopfen Weihnachtsbier

Sternla Grünhopfen Weihnachtsbier is a cold-hopped Festbier with a balanced palate featuring both malt and hops.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Bock

Sternla Bock is a balanced Hellerbock with a semi-dry palate and semi-dry finish.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Zwickel

Sternla Zwickel is an unfiltered summer seasonal with a creamy rocky head and some citrus hops in the nose and palate. It's a dry fruity quaffer with a clean, dry, bitter finish.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Märzen

Sternla Märzen is malty but remains dry and clean in the finish.

Brauhaus zum Sternla Export

Sternla Export is a golden dry fruity beer with some pepper in both the nose and palate. The finish is clean and semi-bitter.