Brauhaus zum Sternla Zwickel

unfiltered golden beer in logo glass
Sternla Zwickel

Brewery: Brauhaus zum Sternla
Color: unfiltered
white, creamy, rocky
Nose: citrus
hops, peppery
dry, fruity, hoppy
Finish: clean, dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was the last of the three beers I tried on my recent visit to the newish Sternla. It was the most impressive looking with a great head and the best nose of the lot too. It was the most hoppy but not overly so with some citrus hops in the nose and palate. The finish was clean, dry and bitter. I’d save this for last and if you are a hop lover who is having only one beer, this is the one to get.

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2 thoughts on “Brauhaus zum Sternla Zwickel

  1. I agree on the presentation. That’s a great looking beer. Your book arrived today and I am really looking forward to going through it. The format looks great and a grand addition to my library. I guess we need to get back to Germany to have you autograph it over a few pints!

    1. Thanks again, Don. Things are really starting to feel a lot closer to normal. It’s still quiet so a nice time to visit but I think there are still a couple things that need to be loosened up before it really becomes an easy option. I believe they will be shortly too so a good sign. I’m looking forward to a few beers with you.

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