Zehendner Maibock from the barrel

Zehendner Maibock from the barrel

Brewery: Zehendner
Heller Bock
unfiltered, dark golden
white, bready
Nose: rich malt, light grain,
fruity, hint of hops
Body: medium, very
soft, low carbonation
balanced, fruity, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: from gravity dispense at the brewery

Impression: I was disappointed to find this only from the bottle on my first visit but a friend tipped me off to their having it not only on tap but from the barrel the first week of May in 2023. I made my way up with a tram, three trains and a school bus full of kids not giving their seat up to the old man but it was worth it. Gorgeous soft palate with a creamy head and richly malty nose. The balanced palate is deceptive and beguiling. It’s reportedly only 6.5% but with Zehendner that probably off by a good percent. It grew on me with each pint and I found myself pining for a room upstairs and a morning pint with scrambled eggs and asparagus. Just about imagine.

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