Why Beerwanderers? A memorable unique experience.

2024 found 152 new Beerwanderers exploring parts of Bavaria often missed even by experienced travelers. Most had never heard of Beer Hiking but stumbled across something that looked like fun. They came from all walks of life: couples, families, groups of friends, doctors, actors, software engineers. They spanned a great range of ages too.

 some Beerwanderers out on the trail

What they had in common was a spirit of adventure and desire to experience not only the Rick Steve list of must sees in our region. Many hadn’t really hiked before and some didn’t consider themselves beer drinkers but universally they found the combination of the two a unique experience unlike what they’d done on their previous trips.


While Andechs was the most popular choice, exploring the Bamberg Countryside Breweries was a strong second. For those not interested in hiking, I took some groups on walks through the old town of Bamberg to some of the 14 breweries that make it the Beer Mecca. I was surprised that many hadn’t even heard of the two beery pilgrimage sites but was happy I had exposed them to places I know they now hold close to their hearts, as I have for so many years.

enjoying Bamberg & its surroundings

The best part has been keeping in touch with the new lovers of Beer Hiking. Many are already planning next year’s adventure. Others are pinning for one. One thing’s for sure. I’m looking forward to showing them something new each time. How about you? Are you ready to become a Beerwanderer?

Enjoy a Private Tour made up of your own group.


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