Landwehr-Bräu Edel on tap

golden beer in logo glass
Landwehr-Bräu Edel

Brewery: Landwehr-Bräu
Town: Reichelshofen (Steinsfeld)

Export 5%
Color: golden

Head: white
, creamy
Nose: malty, grain
Body: medium

Palate: malty, grainy

Finish: lingering, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at Brauerei Gasthof Hotel Landwehr-Bräu

Impression: I was happy to see .25l pours, in branded glasses and carefully poured no less. This is described as an Export but it’s relatively low in alcohol for the style. It’s got the malt and even some fair hopping but I find the finish sticky and I’d like more dryness overall. Enjoyed their everyday Helles in town more.

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