Gasthausbrauerei Hufeisen Urdunkel bottle

dark beer in mug with side handle with bottle
Hufeisen Urdunkel

Brewery: Gasthausbrauerei Hufeisen
Town: Pottenstein
Style: Dunkel 4.9%
Color: unfiltered, ruddy brown
Head: tan, creamy
Nose: malty, hint of butter
Body: medium
Palate: malty, underlying but firm hops, hint of well-integrated butter
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought in Bayreuth

Impression: I had this many years ago and was disappointed. Quite a few years later, when researching my book, I revisited it and it was overly and unusually bitter. I had a friend with me and he thought the same. It was so bad I didn’t include the beer or the hike I’d done in the book. So, I was happy to find this in a bottle as I’d not seen it before. Nice pour with a ruddy brown hue and creamy tan head. Hint of butter in the nose but it’s well integrated in the malty palate. There’s plenty of hops in the otherwise malty mix but the lingering semi-dry finish is just bitter enough. Happy I resampled it.

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