Zunft Trunk Dunkel on tap

Zunft Trunk Dunkel is a gorgeously dry Kellerbier which would be great to session on.

Tucher Urfränkisch Dunkel

Tucher Urfränkisch Dunkel is a balanced dark beer with a clean, semi-dry finish.

Kloster Kreuzberg Klosterbier Dunkel

Scharpf Gartenseidla is a fine Kellerbier with a nice grainy element and dry palate and finish.

Spalter Edel Export Dunkel

Spalter Edel Export Dunkel is a nicely balanced dark beer with firm but not overpowering hop presence and a fine nose of Spalter hops from the area.

Fürst Carl Dunkel

Fürst Carl Schlossgold Dunkel is richly malty balanced dark beer with lingering, semi-dry bittersweet finish.

Günther-Bräu Landbier Dunkel

Günther Landbier Dunkel is a nicely balanced Dunkles with roast in both the nose and palate. Fair hopping makes for a dry, semi-bitter finish.

Becher-Bräu Josefi Bock

Becher-Bräu Josefi Bock is a hearty dark contemplative brew of 8.2%, full or rich malt and a hint of dark chocolate. It's dry for its strength and the finish is bittersweet.

Murmann Prinz Eugen Dunkel

Murmann Prinz Eugen Dunkel is an impressive looking dark beer with a massive rocky head and light chocolate notes. Dryish finish makes it easy to drink at 5.1%.

Becher-Bräu Mann’s Bräu Dunkel

Becher-Bräu/Mann's Bräu Dunkel is a chestnut beauty with hops up front and chocolate malt in the balance. The finish is semi-dry and bittersweet.


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