Düll Krautheimer Urtyp Dunkel on tap

beer in logo ceramic mug
Düll Krautheimer Urtyp Dunkel

Brewery: Düll
Style: Dunkel 5.4
Color: in a Krug so no visuals but mahogany

Head: off-
white, creamy
Nose: malty, white pepper, hint of coffee, slight chocolate

Body: medium

Palate: balanced, malty, white pepper, faint coffee
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: on tap at the Krautheimer Biergarten

Impression: My impression of this beer in bottled form ended with it would be interesting to have this in a Krug to see how preconception affects impression. Well, this is exactly what happened at the Krautheimer Biergarten. The previous beer was their signature Pils and since I hadn’t had it prior, I asked for a glass mug rather than what appeared the standard Krug. When I ordered this one, my friend asked why I didn’t do the same with the Dunkel and I explained I’d already seen it and wanted to not think about what kind of beer it was. Oddly enough, it did reveal itself as a Dunkel with both some coffee and chocolate in the nose but the flavor could have been another Kellerbier, though not quite as dry. I did find the pepper element more integrated and pleasant on tap as well. 

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