Kaiserhöfer Schwedentrunk

dark beer in pewter-lidded mug with bottle
Kaiserhöfer Schwedentrunk

Brewery: Kaiserhof
Town: Kronach
Style: Dunkel 5.2%
Color: dark chestnut
Head: off-white, creamy
malty, light grain, slight roast
Body: medium to full
malty, lightly grainy, some roast
Finish: lingering

Served: from a bottle bought in Kronach

Impression: This is brewed in commemoration of their fight against the Swedes in the 30 Years War.  It’s a deep chestnut brew with malty nose tinged with roast. It’s a bit fuller and maltier than the Schmäußbräu I had on tap. It’s called a Dunkles Spezialbier and guess that fits. It’s a Fest version of an Altfränkisch so probably tastes more like their Lucas Cranach, which I preferred. The finish could be drier and think I like their light colored beers over the dark ones in general after sampling quite a few.

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