Kaiserhof Kronator

dark beer in glass with bottle
Kaiserhof Kronator

Brewery: Kaiserhof
Town: Kronach
Style: Dunkler Doppelbock 7.5%
Color: dark mahogany
Head: ivory, creamy
Nose: richly
malty, burnt toffee, roasty
Body: full
Palate: richly
malty, burnt toffee, roast
Finish: lingering, a touch sticky

Served: from a bottle bought in Kronach

Impression: This was a very dark mahogany with a thin but lasting ivory head. It wasn’t the prettiest pour and not a lot of head but the one that emerged did last rather than fizzle out. The richly malty nose is tinged with both toffee and roast which pretty much is what it tastes like. It’s certainly a dark contemplative brew even though the alcohol isn’t oppressive. The lingering sticky finish is its weak point. To be honest, this isn’t my favorite style as these types of finishes aren’t untypical. When you get one with some dryness, they can be wonderful but this one misses the mark widely. So far not so impressed with their dark beers aside from Lucas Cranach. They’ve fared far better with their lighter offerings.

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