Rhönbrauerei Dittmar Rhöner Landbier Premium

Rhönbrauerei Dittmar lies in the Rhön valley in a small slice of Franconian Thuringia. The brew fantastically dry traditional beers and their Rhöner Landbier Premium is no exception.

Wiesener Altfränkisches Landbier

Wiesener Altfränkisches Landbier from Bürgerliches Brauhaus is a gorgeous unfiltered golden Landbier with an ample rocky head and spicy hoppy nose. Balanced palate features a nice spicy hop element I hadn’t expected. The lingering finish is semi-dry enough with a nice bitterness.

St. Georgen-Bräu Landbier

St. Georgen-Bräu Landbier is a classic Franconian Lager with a deep amber hue, rich malty nose and palate tinged with roast and Spalter hops. The lingering finish is semi-dry and semi-bitter.

Kesselring Urfränkisches Landbier Hell

Kesselring Urfränkisches Landbier Hell is a beer that conjures the land from which it has sprung. With a light grainy nose and palate and a lingering semi-dry finish, it makes you want to lie in a field and have another.

Raab Landbier

Raab Landbier is an effervescent example of the style with balanced grainy palate and a clean semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Schleicher Itzgrunder Landbier on tap

Schleicher Itzgrunder Landbier is a great amber malt forward session beer with just enough underlying hops to make the finish semi-dry and moreish.

Schroll Landbier on gravity tap at Hop Dog

Schroll Landbier is one of Franconia's most beloved dark beers, with a malty palate and dry moreish finish. This gravity dispense version was sublime.

Distelhäuser Landbier

Distelhäuser Landbier is more in the Rotbier style with a rich malty palate and lingering, semi-dry finish.

Reindler-Bräu Landbier

Reindler-Bräu Landbier is a balanced brew with a malty nose and initial palate but hops kick in once again to dry things out in the moreish finish.