Leupser Weihnachtsbock

Gradl's everyday dark beer is one of Bavaria's finest and their elusive Weihnachtsbock is a dark Christmas treat with lots of roast and hops to counterbalance the ample malt which brings this potent Bock to 7.2%.

Das Adler-Bräu

Das Adler-Bräu is a contract brewed Schwarzbier by Hetzel in Frauendorf that is a great example of the style and worth seeking out.

Kalt-Loch-Bräu Dunkles

Kalt-Loch-Bräu Dunkles is now contract-brewed by Eder & Heylands Brauerei but remains an excellent rich malty brew with some chocolate notes.

Schroll Bock

Schroll Bock is a dark rich beauty with a hint of licorice and a fine dryish bittersweet finish.

Weiglathaler Vollbier Dunkel

Weiglathaler Dunkel is a fine dry fruity session beer with a hoppy bitter finish.

Kürzdörfer Landbier Dunkel

Kürzdorfer Landbier Dunkel is a serviceable dark brew with some chocolate notes and a dryish clean finish.

Leupser Maibock

Gradl's everyday dark beer is one of Bavaria's finest and their elusive Maibock follows for, with a rich malty palate that dries moreishly in the long bittersweet finish.

Herold Maibock

Herold Maibock is gorgeous big dark Bock, with some fried fruit before the long dry, bittersweet finish.

Reh Landbier Dunkel

Reh Lanbier Dunkel is a classic Franconian lager with a soft fruity palate and clean bittersweet finish.

Reichold Dunkel

Reichold Dunkles is a tasty balanced dark brew with a hint of chocolate and a semi-dry, bittersweet finish.