Leupser Weihnachtsbock

dark beer in glass with bottle
Gradl Leupser Weihnachtsbock

Brewery: Gradl
Town: Leups
Style: Weihnachtsbock
Color: deep chestnut
Head: off-white, dense, rocky
Nose: roasty, hops
Body: full
Palate: roasty, hoppy, hint of dark chocolate
Finish: clean, dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression:  I had their surprisingly dark Maibock on tap at the brewery years ago and had hoped to do the same with their Christmas Bock this year but with COVID-19 closing things down just before its release, it was not to be. I was happy to find it in bottled form. I am unsure if there is only one Bock and it’s just given a different name as they are both quite dark. I’ve seen some photos of the Maibock from years ago and while it wasn’t a Hellerbock, it does look lighter. Since I had the Maibock on tap, I don’t know its strength but this winter dark Bock clocks in at 7.2% with a full body and dense lasting head. It’s quite roasty and the hops are very much out front, making for a fairly bitter finish for such a potent beer. That said, it’s fairly well-balanced and if you like hoppy beers, it’s one to surely seek out. I imagine its softer on tap, especially if they do it from gravity dispense like their regular Dunkel. I hope to find out in 2021!

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