Dr. Bamberg & the Sandkerwa Side

The Bamberger Sandkerwa starts today in about seven hours and runs from 22.08.-26.08.2019. I thought I'd re-post my account of our trip there in 2018 as the information is still relevant and may help people planning on attending. They say there are at least two sides to every person, place or thing. Sides are funny … Continue reading Dr. Bamberg & the Sandkerwa Side

Adler-Bräu Stettfelder Pils

Adler-Bräu Stettfelder Pils is a thirsty quenching straw-colored brew, perfect for after beer hiking in the Franconian countryside.

Adler Altfränkisches Lagerbier at Schwarzer Adler

Adler-Bräu Lagerbier is a true classic Franconian session brew, with a dry fruity palate and a very long dry bitter finish. Well worth seeking out.

Weiherer Weizenbock

Weiher is a great brewery with both traditional and craft beer offerings. Their Weizenbock may not be a traditional one but the addition of hops is much welcomed and makes for a tasty but easy drinking brew.

Weiherer Bock

Weiher is a great brewery with both traditional and craft beer offerings. Their Bock is a classic Hellerbock with a malty palate and dryish, bittersweet finish.

Elch-Bräu Dunkle

Elch-Bräu Dunkle is a very clean beer with a nice chocolatey palate which goes well with the pork dishes the area is noted for.

Hofmann Festbier

Hofmann Festbier is all you could ever want in a beer, rich and malty with ample hopping that make for a long dry finish and extremely quaffable palate.

Kohlenmühle Rabenschwarz

Kohlmühle Rabenschwarz is a fine, well-made Schwarzbier. Perfect with a rich meal.

Kohlenmühle Moggerla

Kohlmühle Moggerla is a fine, well-made Kellerbier. Perfect with a meal or just to enjoy in the Biergarten.

Debringer Micherla

Debringer Micherla is an easily approachable but still quite tasty brew. Great with food or on its own, it's the true taste of Franconia.