Elch-Bräu Keller Pils

unfiltered golden beer in logo glass
Elch-Bräu Keller Pils at Hop Dog

Style: Kellerpils

unfiltered, golden
white, creamy
Nose: fresh
citrus hops
Body: medium, low carbonation

citrusy, hoppy, dry
Finish: clean, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at Hop Dog in Munich

Impression: I wasn’t in the mood for a hoppy beer but this was fresh from the brewery and freshly tapped so was talked into it by the master pourer Hop Dog owner. It’s quite the hop forward affair with a nice fruity citrusy twist. I’d have preferred to start off with something maltier but it’s a nice aperitif as well. Just hope it doesn’t destroy my taste buds for the next one.

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