Schanzenbrau Kehlen Gold

Schanzenbräu Gold is a Craft Beer take on a Keller Pils with a floral hop nose and palate and lingering, dry, bitter finish.

Spall Keller Pils

Spall Keller Pils is an unfiltered balanced lightly hoppy Pils with a lingering semi-dry finish.

BroBier Keller Pils on tap

BroBier Keller Pils/Zwickel is a lightly hoppy unfiltered beer with a fair grain element and lingering semi-dry finish.

Fischer (Wieseth) Das Keller Pils

Fischer Das Keller Pils is an unfiltered version of their excellent every day Pils with a balanced palate featuring hops and grain before a semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Elch-Bräu Keller Pils

Elch-Bräu Keller Pils is an dry citrusy hoppy beer with a clean, dry, bitter finish.

Hübner Zwickel Pils from gravity barrel at Strawanza

Hübner Keller/Zwickel Pils is a dry fruity treat with citrus hops in both the nose and palate. Served from the barrel at Strawanza in Bamberg, it's moreishly lovely.

Lippert Sommer Pils

Lippert Sommer Pils is a dry hoppy quaffer with a clean finish.

Drossendorfelder Bräuwerk Keller Pils

Drossendorfelder Bräuwerk Keller Pils is a nice mix of traditional style with a craft beer twist.