Franken Bräu Florinator Doppelbock

Franken Florinator is a richly malty Doppelbock with hint of burnt caramel and a lingering somewhat sticky finish.

Franken Bräu Hohenloher Schlitzohr Dunkel

Franken BräuHohenloher Schlitzohr Dunkel a good example Franconian dark beer with some roast and caramel intermingling in both the nose and palate. The lingering finish is just dry enough and somewhat bittersweet.

Franken Bräu Kellerbier

Franken Bräu Kellerbier is lightly grainy dry balanced brew with a lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish.

Franken Bräu Spezial

Franken Bräu Spezial is a rich well-balanced brew with a pleasant grainy palate and just enough hops to make for a semi-dry semi-bitter finish.

Spall Spallator

Spall Spallator is a richly malty bock with dried fruit in the palate and a lingering semi-dry finish.

Spall Keller Pils

Spall Keller Pils is an unfiltered balanced lightly hoppy Pils with a lingering semi-dry finish.

Herbsthäuser Edel Pils on tap

Herbsthäuser Edel Pils is a clean dry hoppy Pils with a nice bitter finish.

Herbsthäuser 1581 on tap

Herbsthäuser 1581is a balanced malty Festbier with a grainy palate and a lingering semi-dry finish.

Herbsthäuser Helles on tap

Herbsthäuser Hell is a balanced malty session beer with a grainy palate and a clean semi-dry finish.

Herbsthäuser Alt-Fränkisch

Herbsthäuser Alt-Fränkisch is a malty Dunkles with a roasty palate and semi-dry lingering finish.