Schanzenbrau Kehlen Gold

Schanzenbräu Gold

Brewery: Schanzenbräu
Keller Pils 4.9%
Color: unfiltered golden

Head: white, rocky, chiffon-like

nice mix of floral hops and light grain
Palate: floral hops, light grain

Finish: lingering, dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: My first bottled beer from them is a surprise and it’s easy to see why the little cult brewery is so popular. With the Gold moniker I was expecting a maltier brew but the strong floral hops in the nose foretells its being more in the Craft Beer vein. It’s hoppy from the get go and while not a crazy IBU at 33, it’s more bitter than most Franconian beers. This website pegs it as a Keller Pils hopped with Cascade and Mandarina Bavaria. I’d have been less taken aback if it was labeled as such. As a Pils, it’s got a fair malt backbone and at 4.9% it’s flavorful and balanced enough to session on for those who like their beer hoppy and bitter. I’d have likely killed for this 15 years ago but now it’s just a nice departure beer for me. My wife may beg to differ and will recommend to her. I’m going to seek out their Helles for a comparison.

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