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Finding the light between two darks on the Bierquellenwanderweg

Beer Hiking Bavaria is a great guide that details 50 hikes in Bavaria which pass by or end at some of Bavaria's best breweries. The Bierquellenwanderweg is one of the top beer hiking circuits you'll find.

Gradl Leupser Pils

While Gradl is justifiably most noted for their amazing Dunkles, their Pils is one of the better examples in Franconia with a nice mix of grain and hops. The pleasant bitterness in the finish is moreish.

Leupser Weihnachtsbock

Gradl's everyday dark beer is one of Bavaria's finest and their elusive Weihnachtsbock is a dark Christmas treat with lots of roast and hops to counterbalance the ample malt which brings this potent Bock to 7.2%.

Weiglathaler Vollbier Dunkel

Weiglathaler Dunkel is a fine dry fruity session beer with a hoppy bitter finish.

Kürzdörfer Vollbier

Kürzdörfer Vollbier is a serviceable if unremarkable Helles. While a good post hike brew, not sure I'd travel far to get it again.

Kürzdörfer Landbier Dunkel

Kürzdorfer Landbier Dunkel is a serviceable dark brew with some chocolate notes and a dryish clean finish.

Leupser Maibock

Gradl's everyday dark beer is one of Bavaria's finest and their elusive Maibock follows for, with a rich malty palate that dries moreishly in the long bittersweet finish.

Herold Maibock

Herold Maibock is gorgeous big dark Bock, with some fried fruit before the long dry, bittersweet finish.

Leupser Dunkel

Gradl Dunkel Brewery: Gradl Town: Leups Style: Vollbier Color: lightly filtered chestnut Head: tan, rocky Nose: malty, slight chocolate Body: medium, low carbonation Palate: fruity, dry, hoppy, undercurrent of dark chocolate Finish: long, dry, bitter Served: on gravity dispense at the brewery Impression:  This is one of those beers you really wish was more readily … Continue reading Leupser Dunkel

Herold Beck ‘n Bier Vollbier

Herold Beck'n Bier is a top Franconian session beer, with a slight chocolate note and dry, bittersweet finish.